You plan an event

We furnish it!

Are you planning an event?
We'll furnish it!

At the beginning, people would sit on random chairs of advertising agencies.
Some of us would find a seat on desks of event planning agencies and others on pieces of furniture companies..
At a point, as we were sitting, we had this thought: What are we sitting on? Where? How? And mostly, why?!.
This is how the idea of creating Tore was born.
We sat and thought out of combining our knowledge and experience in the field of production, event planning and the international furniture market and apply it to the furniture leasing for every solution, short or long term.
And the idea ...sat well!.
Just like this, Tore is now real and active in the whole spectrum of the furniture leasing services:

Conventions, Seminars, Exhibitions, Corporate events, Parties, Weddings, Baptisms, Children's parties

Production of television advertisements, TV shows, & series

At Tore , we dispose a wide range of excellent quality products that is constantly renewed; and we are able to cover all your special needs.
Within our active, wide network of collaborators throughout the world, our expert scouters constantly search the market, offering you with everything new and special in the furniture leasing that can match up to any designing challenge.
But even in case you cannot find exactly what you're looking for, please be assured that we won't...sit still, until we find something that you will like equally, always at the most competitive rates.